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Christian Dating

Christian dating sites are a blessing for so many single, Christian adults. Although a majority of Americans consider themselves Christians, the way in which they practice their religion and the degree to which it affects their behavior varies tremendously. One person who calls herself Christian may go to church twice a year, while another may go several times a week for choir practice, Bible study and services.

Christian Dating and Abstinence

One of the most important and sensitive ways in which religious practices vary is with regard to sex. Sex is a very important issue when it comes to dating, and particularly when it comes to Christian dating. Many devout Christian singles practice abstinence, and are looking to date someone who does the same. When devout Christians date less strict Christians, the differences between their sexual expectations can cause a lot of tension, or even heartache.

Abstinence affects Christian dating in many ways. For one thing, it may put a number of Christian singles on the "fast track" to marriage! After all, healthy adults who are very attracted to each other, who share similar values and who wish to raise a family may only wish to abstain from sex for so long. Devout Christians tend to be marriage-minded, as do Christian online dating sites.

If you are a Christian looking for someone who both shares your values and tickles your fancy, can help. As an online portal with an excellent dating service directory, we'll provide you with quick and easy links to sites that are perfect for your needs. This is the easiest way to meet someone attractive, exciting and single, who also happens to share your Christian values and beliefs.