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Dating Rank - Online Dating Advice

Before the first date!

  1. Get a free anonymous e-mail account.

    NEVER give out your real email or name online.   Remove any names and email address that you use for online dating purposes.

  2. NEVER rush into a date.

    Get to know the person on the other side, especially when you can see them. Find out about his habits, how to talks, and how his mood changes. If you sense that something is wrong with this person overtime, than there probably is.

  3. IF you have gotten this far, get a phone number.

    Chat on the phone and see if the personality matches what you have gotten online so far. Listen to background noise to see if you can hear something suspicious. Do you hear children, pets, lots of people chattering? Remember to block your Caller-ID when you call and when using 1-800 numbers your number will most likely be recorded.

  4. Verify the phone number.

    Call Directory Assistance and make sure you have the right number that you got.

  5. Surprise call.

    Call your date at unscheduled times. If your date real appreciates spending the time with you, they will never complain about you calling, at anytime. Look for signs of stress. And again, listen to background noice and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

  6. Get a physical address.

    Ask them for an address and mail them a card and see if you get a returned mail. Wait at least a couple weeks for it to return. Make sure you use a P.O.Box or something for the return address.

  7.  Don't be shy, get a history report.

    Ask about their past relationships. Has your date ever been married? Long relationships? why did they split-up? Have your date recovered from the relationship? Any anger towards the ex? If you don't understand something, ask. Make sure you get a clear explanation. If something isn't right, it most likely isn't.

  8. Remember if 2+2 isn't 4 then it isn't! If things don't feel right, then it isn't! Take your time, time will always tell you the truth!

Advice for your first date!

  1. Prepare yourself before meeting in a real date.

    Make sure you tell someone where you are going and leave your date's contact information with them so they know who you are going out with. If you catch your date's license plate, call your contact person or even leave it on the answering machine. Let them know when you are expected to be back. Schedule for a call in the middle of the date so they know you are ok. When you are going home from a date, call them again and what time they should expect you. Call call call!

  2. Make it a double date.

    See if your best friend will join you in a double date. This way they can always look out for you, for your safety and make judgments on your new hot date!

  3. Make sure you have your own transportation.

    Don't let your date pick you up. Drive yourself or use public transportation. Make sure you have your own way home. If things turn ugly, you can always bailout and go home.

  4. Use Public meeting places.

    Always go on early dates and use places where there are alot of people like the mall. Do not meet in parking lots, back alleys, your house, or your dates house. Always meet where there are lots of people!

  5. Do you know your date.. really?

    Knowing someone online doesn't mean you know them in person. Do not let down your guard and always be on alert of something fishy. If you feel something is wrong with your date, get out! If you told your date that you have to go early and they aren't happy or tries to persuade you to stay, then don't be afraid to bail out. If your date tries to stop you, don't be afraid to call for help and get out of there ASAP.

Final Advice:  Don't forget to have fun otherwise your date might think there is something wrong with you!