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Gay Dating

Dating Rank is both a portal and a directory, helping singles of all kinds find the perfect dating site for them. Many of our clients are gay men or gay women looking for everything from fun flirtations to serious commitments. Some are just looking for a friend to hike with or a dance partner for salsa lessons. If you're a gay or bisexual man or woman looking for friendship or romance, Dating Rank is the right place for you.

Dating Rank Makes It Easy

There are two different ways to find the best online dating site for you. You can spend hours running searches on a handful of different search engines, then weed out the sites that don't apply to you--or you can simply browse through Dating Rank's directory of online dating sites. We think you'll agree that having Dating Rank do the leg work for you is a much better choice. Plus, using our service is free!

Once you start reading profiles and making connections through a dating site, remember to find a sense of balance. Frankly, romance can make us all a little crazy. Without a sense of balance, visiting online dating sites can turn into a bit of an obsession.

Remember that online dating is supposed to be fun. It's also designed to help you to go on real dates with real people, flaws and all. Too many newcomers to online dating act like kids in a candy shop, bouncing from one "perfect" profile to another. Just remember that no one is perfect, but real people are so much more fascinating, complex and genuine than any profile could ever hope to be.