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Of all the changes brought about by the Internet, the enormous growth of matchmaking services has to be our very favorite. The Internet has revolutionized the way people think about personals, matchmaking and dating services. As a result, millions of single people are meeting other singles, resulting in everything from friendships to love affairs to marriages.

Who Uses Matchmaking Services?

For some folks, matchmaking services are simply a way to have fun. Free-spirited people who love to flirt and date are drawn to the sheer number of people they can meet through online dating sites. Matchmaking sites are also invaluable to people who may not have such an easy time dating. This include singles who are naturally shy, who are new to an area or who find themselves "suddenly single."

For recently divorced or widowed people, particularly older people, online matchmaking sites provide a way to beat loneliness while still holding onto their dignity and normal lifestyle. Many widows, widowers or divorced folks in their 50s and 60s wouldn't be caught dead at a singles bar, but that doesn't mean they want to spend the next 30 years alone. Through online dating, they can meet similar people with similar priorities and desires.

Finally, online dating is fantastic for minority groups, whether that minority is ethnic, religious or social. Dating Rank is great for folks interested in dating within a minority. Whether you're a black Christian woman looking to meet a black Christian man, a Jewish widower looking to meet a Jewish widow, or a gay Asian man looking to meet other single Asian men, Dating Rank provides a portal to the perfect site for you.