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Personal Classifieds

There are thousands of dating sites on the Internet, all competing for your business. Why not take this intense competition and use it to your advantage? Before settling on any one particular dating site, shop around on Dating Rank. We provide portals to dozens of wonderful dating websites. Then, choose a site that will let you view personal classifieds for free for a short period of time. Many sites offer week-long "trial memberships," during which time you'll be able to read, and maybe even create, a personal, classified profile. When sampling a site, you should ask certain questions. Is the site easy to use? Do you like the kinds of singles who use it? Does this site sponsor any get-togethers, parties or cruises? Does it offer enough anonymity and security for your comfort? Every dating site is different, and nothing helps you understand a site's pluses and minuses like posting your own personal classified.

Personal Classifieds, Personal Profiles

To "classify" something is to categorize or arrange it. A classified ad, then, is an ad which has been first categorized and then arranged with similar ads. In this way, it helps singles to find exactly what they are looking for while helping them filter out everything else. These filters are mainly geographical and gender-based, like the traditional "[area] man seeks [area] woman" personal ad.

The filters can also be religious, ethnic and age-based so that, for example, older Jewish widows don't end up flirting with 25 year-old Latin men--unless, of course, that's exactly what they're looking for! Classified ads help singles filter through the 5,999,999,990 people on earth they don't want to date, so they can find the 10 people they do want to date. Where does Dating Rank fit into all this? We'll help you filter through the dating sites themselves, so that you can quickly, easily and painlessly find the ideal matchmaking site for someone just like you.