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At Dating Rank, we know that if you want to use an online dating service, you'll eventually have to create a personal profile about yourself. Writing a profile can be more daunting than you'd imagined. You'll want to write a profile that is positive and fun, without seeming grandiose or "cheesy." If you've ever flipped through the personals in the local newspaper, you've already had a lesson in how not to write a profile.

Creating a Great Profile
A good online dating site should be able to help you through the basics of writing a profile. It may even provide you with a template to follow. Instead of starting from scratch, you'll be asked specific questions. However, don't be afraid to join a site where you design your profile yourself. Undoubtedly, you're much more creative than you give yourself credit for, and perfectly able to write a great description of yourself.

Furthermore, designing a profile about yourself will help you clarify some important details. What are you looking for in a mate? What are your priorities in life? What are your greatest strengths and most stubborn flaws? Once you start dating, all of these issues will be brought to the fore anyway, so you may as well begin thinking about them now.

It's essential that you create a profile that is honest. You don't want to write anything misleading. Next, proofread your profile to eliminate anything self-deprecating. Even if you lack confidence at times (and who doesn't?), there's no need to self-deprecate. Often, very funny people poke fun at themselves as a way of joking around. If this is your urge, try to turn your humor in another direction. You can make your profile as funny, creative, sincere or bizarre as you want it to be, just as long as you keep it positive, honest and specific.